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Our choice of trendy necklaces for men. Virile, refined, non-allergenic, stainless and solid quality. Discreet or remarkable, be at the top of men's fashion.

Elden socket pendant - steel

Price €41.32

Complete your look with the steel necklace and PM Socket. Made of stainless steel, it is sturdy and elegant. Its plate is adorned with a socket * of 9 mm caliber.

Ernstes Design ethnic clasp onyx necklace

Price €103.31

Men's necklace from the German brand Ernstes Design, renowned for the extreme quality of its products.

Ernstes Design fine ethnic clasp onyx...

Price €103.31

Necklace from the famous German brand Ernstes Design for men, renowned for the rigorous quality of its jewelry.




€30.00 - €105.00